Crescent Heights

Crescent Heights – Modern meets Historical

A 1912 home addition of 200 sq.ft., is coined by the owners – ‘The Garden Room’ as it looks onto the garden in the backyard, bringing much needed space, natural light, and air flow to the original 600sq.ft. bungalow, located just off busy Memorial Drive and Edmonton Trail, in Calgary’s inner city.

It was conceived as a modern ‘porch’, with a mono-pitched roof angled up to 12’ inside height, while it remains hidden from the front streetscape. The large expanse of glass maximizes the south wall as ‘canvas’. The owners opted to install electric in-floor heating, and use spray-foam insulation in the floor joists over the exposed crawl space below. This has made the room, the warmest in the house, during the winter. The large venting windows and deciduous trees, protect the interior from the summer hot spells. Initially, the owners were going to keep the room separate, maintaining the original back door-leaving it more as a summer porch. That idea was dropped, however, and the addition is now a major part of the house. The owners are still wondering…. “How did we ever live without it for the past 25 years?”