“I have owned my own construction business since 1975 and have worked primarily with residential projects as well as small commercial projects.

I have worked with Claire MacDougall on a number of single family and semi-attached newly built homes over the past 5 years and have found her extremely helpful in overcoming the obstacles that may occur with development and building permit processes.
She also provides creative, but realistic solutions to design issues that can arise on site while keeping in mind the client’s budget and wishes.

Claire is a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her design services to any other builder or future clients. ”
Ray Thibault/ Pondell Contracting
Calgary, Alberta

“My wife and I are in the process of building a cottage, boathouse/studio and garage on a lot near Lake Diefenbaker. Getting to this phase of our project was initially a heady struggle. After an initial search and a false start with another designer we were reluctant to start yet another search for an architect to turn our somewhat disparate ideas into realistic plans for a summer home. However; after discussions with several larger firms we settled on Claire MacDougall; most notably because of her straightforward approach and overall enthusiasm for the project. From the outset she continually encouraged us to voice our ideas and to actively participate in an ongoing dialogue that would eventually clarify the vision of what we were after. While entertaining our occasional flights of fancy she patiently and steadfastly steered us in the right direction. The end result meets all our functional and aesthetic needs. It exceeds what we had imagined. We are now very excited about turning the plans that she has created into a living reality and we encourage anyone contemplating the design and construction of a home to begin your journey with Claire at the helm.”
John & Judy Humphreys
Medicine Hat, Alberta

 “I have an interest in real estate investment. One of my projects involves building a duplex. I was referred to Claire MacDougall by a residential builder associate of mine. It was the first time I had utilized Claires’ services. What impressed me the most was her direct and articulate approach to the layout and design of my project. She has a pleasant demeanor and was prompt in her response time. I would recommend her services to anybody who was thinking of moving forward on a project of their own.”
Blaine Forand/Client
Calgary, Alberta

Our 30-year old master bathroom was badly in need of updating and refurbishment.
When we shared our vision, Claire immediately understood our needs. With her skillful design successfully conveyed to our contractor, we now have a wonderful space.
The overall design was in her hands as well as important technical aspects – all done with both skill and flair.
Some of our friends have said, “Zen-inspired”, “Balinese Spa” and
“oasis of calm”. We are thrilled with the result and know this room will retain its good looks and modern feel for years and years.
We imagine that Claire will help many others in realizing their dreams!

Jon & Carolyn Scott
West Vancouver, BC

Our renovations, in the end, cost approximately $50,000.00. I appreciated how patiently Claire led me through the design process, and allowed me time to consider her design suggestions. I know I was somewhat indecisive along the way, but Claire allowed me time to explore new design approaches, which in the end were fabulous.

It was also helpful to have Claire conduct all the negotiations with the different contractors, and to monitor the accuracy of their progress. In one instance, the electrical contractor did not accurately read the design, but Claire caught the mistake before big problems resulted.

My husband and I were thrilled with the outcome.
Barb &  Don

After 25 years of living in our 100-year-old home, what started as needing a new deck evolved into the addition of a complete room to the back of the house.

Working with Claire was like working with a friend. She always went the extra mile to ensure the details of both our plans and hers were met.  She is the ultimate professional – a wonderful architect and designer as well as versed in all legal aspects of building and design. From start to finish, Claire worked closely with the engineers, contractors, and tradespeople as she saw the project through to completion. She is well connected to a variety of businesses in the city and is able to track down  or suggest whatever it is you need to keep your project moving forward on schedule.

Claire is very professional and enthusiastic, but most of all passionate about the work she does. It was a joy to see her reaction to the finished product – one that met, if not exceeded, everyone’s expectations. From concept to design to execution, working with Claire was a wonderful experience.

Cathy and Hadley Leipciger